Meet the Pastor

Pastor Nathaniel & Christina Lewis

Pastor Nathaniel (Tony) Lewis and Sis. Christina Lewis have been part of the ministry at The Rock Worship Center for over ten years. They have one daughter, Mckayla.  Pastor Lewis developed his ministry under the leadership of Sr. Pastor Feld. He is a great example for men and women of the life changing power of the Holy Ghost.  Pastor Lewis delivers an anointed Word to the congregation.  His ministry extends beyond the pulpit.  Every Saturday he leads the Outreach Team into the streets of Fort Myers.  His heart beats for winning new souls and developing strong Christians through bible study.  Pastor and Sis. Lewis also work closely with people of all ages. Sis. Lewis leads the music ministry.  They love to work in the Kingdom of God and with the precious people of God. The Rock Worship Center is blessed by their ministry.