Outreach Ministry

Outreach is a strong ministry at The Rock Worship Center.  Perhaps you are on this very website because a member of the church knocked on your door and handed you a flyer.  Maybe you work at the local McDonald’s and a woman in the drive thru invited you to church.  Maybe a friend mentioned a great church to visit!  The Apostle Paul spoke of men and women who were lost in sin and did evil things. As the congregation gasped at the wicked recounts, he then states, “such were some of you”. The room was silent.  You see the church is not a museum for perfect people. The church is a hospital for people who need a touch from Jesus, the Great Physician.  We all have a testimony.  Our deliverance from sin and change of heart is what compels The Rock Worship Center to go out and minister to others.  God is able to deliver you too!  There is power in the Name of Jesus to break every chain. Chains of depression, sickness, drugs and alcohol.  We are not perfect, but we would love to introduce you to a loving perfect God. Come visit us at The Rock Worship Center.


Transportation is available, call 239-206-3121.  See you soon!