Sr. Pastor Feld & Sr. Sister Feld

Sr. Pastor and his wife, Sr. Sis. Joy Feld, have a passion for the Kingdom of God and God’s people.  They have ministered throughout Florida for over 40 years. Their hands and hearts have blessed the lives of thousands.  Sr. Pastor Feld has mentored many young preachers and pastors, and encouraged their growth into strong men of God.  He leads by example with Christian devotion, Christian character, integrity, and commitment to his family.  He is a faithful and loving shepherd to the churches.  You will be blessed by his powerful preaching.  Sr. Sister Feld is a beautiful, graceful First Lady and ministers to the congregation through her spoken word, lifestyle, and gentle ways.  In addition to pastoring, they also are administrators at the church school.  They are church planters and believe in bringing the Gospel to the world, one church at a time.  Sr. Pastor and Sr. Sister Feld are inspirational examples of the Christians we are called to be.  The Rock Worship Center is one of four daughter works of their ministry.

 Bro. & Sis. Lewis

Bro. Nathaniel (Tony) Lewis and Sis. Christina Lewis have been part of the ministry at The Rock Worship Center for over ten years. They have one beautiful daughter, Mckayla.  Bro. Lewis developed his ministry under the leadership of Sr. Pastor Feld. He is a great example for men and women of the life changing power of the Holy Ghost.  Bro. Lewis delivers an anointed Word to the congregation.  His ministry extends beyond the pulpit.  Every Saturday he leads the Outreach Team into the streets of Fort Myers.  His heart beats for winning new souls and developing strong Christians through bible study.  Bro. and Sis. Lewis also work closely with youth, singles, and young married couples.  Sis. Lewis leads the music ministry.  They love to work in the Kingdom of God and with the precious people of God. The Rock Worship Center is blessed by their ministry.